Javy, Dressed in Cobras

The thing is, we all kind of knew what would happen. We knew what would happen in the fifth inning of a Javier Vazquez start, and we knew the Good Guys’ only runs would come from the bomb squad, and we knew the Rays would be aggressive, and we knew. . . well, we just knew. And we know we knew. We can look for consolation in the massacre going down across town tonight, but that’s a hollow concept. Entertaining, but hollow all the same.

On the plus side, the four days between game two and the (highly) theoretical game five mean Javy’s start can be handed to Mark Buehrle. Alternately, he could go to long relief. Or Ozzie Guillen could run Clayton Richard out to start the fifth. Anything – ANYTHING – but yet another five-and-dive outing. Anything.

Until then rest easy, and remember we shouldn’t be having this discussion in the first place.

Tomorrow, friends, is another day.