Say It Ain’t. . . Whatever

This is a story about two signings. One is smart; one is not. You can decide which.

SIGNING A: As reported last night, the Sox avoided arbitration hearings with 3B Joe Crede and signed him to a 1-year deal worth $5.15 million, plus a potential $300,000 in incentives.

For all you Cred-e-nauts out there, don’t get your hopes up: this most likely cements his ticket out of town. Teams have seen what the guy is capable of when healthy, and if he proves himself in shape during Spring Training, $5.15 million and a prospect or two for a year of a Gold Glove-caliber defense and Silver Slugger offense is not a bad deal at all.

SIGNING B: As first reported by Impacto Deportivo (among others), the Sox signed reliever Octavio Dotel to a 2-year, $11 million contract. Numbers aside (ERA’s ranging from 1.85 for the 2002 Astros to 10.80 for the 2006 Yankees), it should be noted that Dotel started last year with the Royals, but his floundering led them to trade him straight-up to Atlanta for shaky middle reliever Kyle Davies.

So, for $5.5 million apiece, the Sox just secured their temporary future not only with a once and future superstar capable of greatness, but also with yet another Royals bullpen castoff.

Let this be final proof: athlete salaries are the most nonsensical thing in the world. One wonders if $5.5 million a year for Dotel is the “market correction” Kenny Williams was talking about when he scoffed at the ever-increasing price of free agent pitchers.

UPDATE 3:04pm: The Dotel signing turns out to be just a case of unfounded speculation turning into poor journalism. Repeat the mantra: rumors are stupid.