Alumni News You Can Use

In case you were wondering:

Josh Fogg, 2001: The Dragon Slayer went 2-1 this postseason for the Rockies with a 5.91 ERA, fanning 6 in 10.2 innings. Fogg’s ERA for the World Series was 20.25, and Game 3 was his lone October loss.
Kenny Lofton, 2002: After almost single-handedly destroying the Yankees, the 40-year-old Lofton cooled in the ALCS, his batting line dropping from .375/.444/.438 to .222/.250/.407, lest we forget his crucial role in The Sinker.
Luis Vizcaino, 2005: In one appearance, “Viz” recorded two outs while surrendering one earned run, giving up two hits and walking two batters. Line for the ALDS: 0-1, 13.50 ERA, 0 K’s.
Chris Young, superprospect 2001-2005: His team might have tanked, but Young made a name for himself with two home runs off the Cubs, a .280 average and five RBIs, and a .474 OBP in the NLCS.
Bobby Howry, 1998-2002: Howry was lights-out, fanning six and yielding no runs in 3 innings.
Scott Eyre, 1997-2000: Recorded no outs and yielded one hit in one appearance for the Cubs.
Tadahito Iguchi, 2005-2007: 3 at-bats, 0 hits, 2 walks as a Philly pinch-hitter. Average for the NLDS: .000.
Aaron Rowand, 2001-2005: Rowand may have actually increased his odds of returning to the South Side; while he posted his best offensive regular season, he also went 1-for-12 against the Rockies – 4 whiffs, 1 home run, 1 RBI.

Under normal circumstances, one might think a player putting up such poor postseason numbers would be unattractive to prospective employers. But then, this is the White Sox we’re talking about, and the likely scenario has this team several years away from even needing to contemplate what to do to win playoff games, let alone win regular-season games. Dog day home runs and offensive pyrotechnics may be the only numbers we have to cling to anymore, and Rowand suddenly looks like a more appealing candidate.

Yankee fans like to deride certain superstars as not being True Yankees when they fail in the postseason; with these abysmal numbers, and by going from July hero to permanent October afterthought, Rowand may have just become a True White Sox.