Thome’s Homies: A Retrospective by the Numbers

1: The number of career home runs Thome had prior to his first anti-Sox shot – June 29, 1992 against Jack McDowell.
41: The number of Sox pitchers Thome has gone deep against.
334: Total number of pitchers homered against.
42: The number of home runs Thome has hit at U.S. Cellular Field as a member of the White Sox.
18: Number at Comiskey II/U.S. Cellular as an opponent of the White Sox.
6: Number hit against his former employers as a member of the White Sox.
41: Number hit against his current employer.
69: Total number of home runs Thome has with the White Sox.
0/9: Ratio of walk-off shots in Thome’s career as a percentage that happened to come against the Good Guys.
0: Number of current Sox relievers homered against.
3: Number of current White Sox starting pitchers homered against (Garland, Buehrle, Vazquez). Also the number of players requiring fewer at-bats to reach 500 home runs.
10: Jersey number of the last Sox pitcher Thome homered against – August 30, 2004 against Shingo Takatsu.
1: Number of Cleveland native friends who told me during the 2005-2006 offseason “We know what’ll happen. You guys’ll win the World Series, Thome’ll hit his 500th with you and go into the Hall in a White Sox uniform.”

We’re not holding our breath for that Series or that Hall immortalization, but it’s nice to see the guy succeed all the same. Especially if we can laugh at Indians fans while he does it. They may have the division, but we’ve got . . . um . . . a guy they couldn’t afford any more and have managed to do just fine without. God I hate this team.