Murder (Or a Heart Attack)

Funny guys, these White Sox. Just when you think they’re about to embarrass a solid Cleveland team by shelling solid lefty Cliff Lee POW! they go ahead and come within sniffing distance of blowing an 11-2 lead. Then, before you even realize it’s the bottom of the 9th with two outs and a runner on first POW! the Tribe is only down by one.

I’ve posited the question before but I’ll ask it again here: did they really win anything by needing merely nine runs’ worth of a lead, or should we put this one in the Dewon Day column? (In all fairness, Mr. Day did quite nicely tonight; this continues and we might have to resurrect the names of Sox bullpen disasters past. A Koch Game? A Jackson Win? Anything’s possible, I suppose.)

Kenny Williams has been saying for weeks that changes were in store, but I’m not sure sending the mostly-unproven Nick Massett down to Charlotte is what he meant. Still, at this point we can only guess who’s coming up in his place tomorrow; if legitimate bullpen help is of the order, right-hander Ehren Wassermann (2.11 ERA, 5 SV, 33 K’s in 42.2 IP) might be the logical choice, as he remains one of the last call-ups left that hasn’t yet self-destructed at the major league level. It should be noted, however, that the Sox are calling up talent from a Charlotte team that currently sits alone in last place in the International League’s South division. Sox Junior, if you will.

The positive might be that on a last-place squad, players are more inclined to pitch like they’re trying to get promoted, rather than help out the team. Kind of like how a lot of guys on the Sox are hitting all those home runs stealing all those bases striking out all those opposing batters making all those diving catches. . . nevermind.

Jon Garland vs. Paul Byrd tomorrow night. Last time out, Garland put one in his W column while the bullpen put one in the D column. Here’s hoping for a better showing.