Everything’s Arbitrary

Orlando Cabrera, everyone’s favorite scorer-complaining shortstop, stands in a position to end his South Side run in immortal fashion. How? Simple: accept arbitration.

Now, we all know the chances of such a thing happening are essentially non-existent. But if Cabrera really is the jerk everyone said he was, why not let him prove it?

Obviously the Sox would like those high draft picks they get in return for Cabrera’s departure, but let’s be realistic here: early round Sox picks are generally terrible and usually not the type of players who ever amount to anything, but the more interesting part is guessing just who Cabrera would ultimately sign with and what kind of draft position the Good Guys would end up with.

So what do we do? We hope Cabrera turns down the Sox’ hilarious offer, then we hope he signs with a terrible, terrible franchise, then hope the recently overhauled White Sox scouting staff doesn’t mess up a potentially sweet pair of freebies. Pitchers and catchers don’t report for some time, but it’s nice to know there are still things to root for in the offseason.

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