The 35th Street Post Office [March 1, 2009]

Yo Andrew,

What’s up with the new design? I was just getting used to the clumsiness and hack layout of the old one.

– Dave, Chicago

Sorry about that.


Road trip planning time. What cities or parks do you recommend? We are thinking of trying to see the inaugural Sox-Yanx series even if we pay up the nose for it.

– Susan and Jon, West Ridge

If you’ve got the money, the Yankees trip should be a fun one. My personal mantra is to use road games as a driver for an otherwise non-obvious trip. I’ve found that cities like Detroit, Cleveland and Baltimore, interesting as they may be, lend themselves better to having a sporting event as the fulcrum than obvious vacation destinations like New York and Los Angeles. Then again, Yankee Stadium on a weekend in August should be extra-hostile – especially if the Yankees collapse under the weight of a half-billion-dollar winter. Which they will.


What jersey should buy? I’m thinking of either Danks or Buehrle.

– Steve, Orland Park

I have rules about this that will be addressed in a future post, but generally speaking get the jersey of the guy you’re younger than by a larger margin.


Let’s make a bet: I’ve got a steak sandwich from South Side Hitmen Grille that says Brian Anderson is the centerfielder on Opening Day. Jerry Owens has been awful all Spring Training and Dewayne Wise is not an everyday player. Anderson has the glove and has shown at least some power. Chris Getz or Brent Lillibridge will bat leadoff and Brian’s spotty hitting can be the weak bat in the 9-hole.

– Thomas, Chicago

You’re on. Looking at Owens and Anderson is looking at two differently one-dimensional players, and I think Owens’ one dimension is more in line with what Ozzie Guillen wants to put on the field. It’s a no-right-answer problem if you think about it, as Anderson’s glove is more valuable behind a pitching staff that, save for Danks, will rely so heavily on pitching to contact, yet Owens’ ability to steal will mean the Sox are better equipped to. . . hit a two-run homer.

That said, the only way Owens isn’t the Opening Day starter is if he gets hurt. I’ll take that sandwich without onions.


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