Pershing Road is the Road Home

[Editor’s Note: With the regular season just a week away, we asked some friends and frenemies of the 35th Street Review to weigh in with what they see from their corner of the baseball world. If you would like to contribute a blurb or two, drop a line to

Today, we bring it back to the exit 55B offramp with a look at the South Siders by Steve from White Sox Cards and WIK from i94 Sports. Enjoy.]— Steve

The White Sox find themselves in the middle of arguably the most competitive division in baseball (the AL East is in the running). The Twins, White Sox, Indians and Tigers seem to play merry-go-round with the top spot each year, and all are capable of taking the crown again this year. Last year the Indians and Tigers were touted as the cream of the crop, but the division turned upside down and saw the Twins and White Sox battling it out to the end. Predictions seem to be trending the same this year, and I’ve seen the White Sox as low as last place. I think that’s a little ridiculous, given they’re bringing back all of their core players and infusing some youth and speed to address that deficiency. I personally believe the White Sox will be in contention for the AL Central Title, but will fall to 2nd or 3rd in a close division race that will involve 3 teams. Figure 85-88 Wins.