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Cubs, Sox Sweep LVPs

A pair of Chicago outfielders, now united for all eternity. Hilarious. [ESPN]

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Those T-Shirts Aren’t That Great

I’d like to know who did the shoving. . . and why. Chevy ads disguised as clothing are just about the lamest thing in the world. Man sues Sox, claims he was injured by crowd [Sun-Times]

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How to Bring Out the Worst In Chicagoans

Who has the best fans? Cubs? Sox? If WMAQ’s findings are any indication, I vote “neither:” JAKE SAYS: thee cubs fans have been waiting 101 years they cry if there team looses and so what if the cub fans drink a lot isnt that what going to a baseball game is aboutt CUBS RULE SAYS: […]

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Your Government Hates You, Baseball

We try not to get too political around here but if you live in the state of Illinois, you really should read this: According to the records, contact between Tribune Co. and the governor’s office accelerated after an earlier state effort to buy Wrigley Field fell through in June. That failed deal involved the Illinois […]

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Still Undefeated!

The Sox, that is. Where my contributions to the annual ALC preview at Royally Speaking are concerned, I actually look like an idiot having already lost the ironic faith I had put in Jerry Owens and not counting on Cliff Lee to give up more runs in his first outing of 2009 than he did […]

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They Don’t Make Cities Like They Used To

The highest sales tax in the nation. Two beloved losers, two derided winners and a basketball team that might as well have never been the greatest. A mayor who hates his residents. A perpetual parking nightmare and, most recently, the murder capital of the United States. How could you not fall in love? Top 29 […]

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Joe Posnanski Gets It Right, As Usual

The new last word on the state of sportswriting from one of the best: I have never believed anything except that sportswriters must stay separate, that we must keep a healthy distance, that we must report on sports using the same tools and techniques and strategies that every journalist is taught at a very young […]

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  • "Give me a White Sox fan any day. There's a team that has hosed its fans more completely than nearly any other, and that includes two terms under the best and most fan-friendly owner in history, Bill Veeck. Do you hear them whining endlessly about how God wants them to suffer? Do they bore you with tales of Shoeless Joe Jackson, or Luke Appling, or Wild Bill Dietrich, and how each one has cursed them from beyond the grave? Do they go on and on about Arnold Rothstein and Charlie Comiskey and Chick Gandil and how they robbed their great grandfather of a two-day bender back in '19 whatever? Of course not. They say, 'The Sox? They stink. Another beer over here, Hap.' They don't long-suffer, and if they do, they don't do it loud enough for the rest of the neighborhood to hear. And they've known circles of Hell you've never even driven through on your way to the company picnic."
    - Ray Rotto, The San Francisco Chronicle, September 19, 2003