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Yelling About Bobby Jenks’ Weight Is Like Yelling About The Brightness Of The Sun

Hey did you know Bobby Jenks is a big dude? That’s awesome. You can read all about it in the newspaper.

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True Faith

Maybe Ozzie Guillen’s forgotten the name and the address of everyone he’s ever known, but that’s nothing compared to thinking Jose Contreras and Bartolo Colon were ready for battle. [Mouthpiece Sports] And hey, you know how I know Jake Peavy is awesome? Because he beat the Royals, that’s how. I even read that in the […]

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More Advancement

Ssssssshhh! You, complaining about the low batting average – quiet down over there! Carlos Quentin is thinking! Again! [Mouthpiece Sports]

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El Conte and El Cowley

Sorry for the lapse in posting, folks. A rather large non-sports-related project came up so pieces here on 35th Street might become slightly intermittent over the next few weeks. As penance, a Friday twofer of world-hating cynicism by yours truly: First of all you guys, Gordon Beckham is, like, so awesome, and his hair is […]

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