Number Five: Alive?

Remember those eight consecutive starts where Clayton Richard was not very good? That’s all over now, right?


Maybe, but let’s consider the context of last night’s gem:

  1. Richard threw a great game, no question about it.
  2. Prior to that, Richard’s last quality start came May 29th. Not in June. Not in July. May.
  3. Even including last night’s dazzler, Richard has a career WHIP over 1.5, career ERA over 5 and a K:BB under 2.
  4. Right-handers have a .315/.379/.490 line against young Clayton.

So he threw a great game, and that’s awesome. But before anyone goes declaring the back-end problems solved, let’s remember just that: he threw a great game. A. One.

Tonight, as the Sox trot out the rookie while waiting and seeing what happens with El Barto and Sweaty Freddy, there’s a stat we can all watch out for: if rookie right-hander Carlos Torres notches a quality start, he will have as many since May 29 as the Sox’ current number five. Problem solved, right?


2 thoughts on “Number Five: Alive?”

  1. Thankfully, our competition sucks as bad as well do. 3 of 4 from TB, then on to sweep DET, take the division and our place in history. Get on the train!

  2. clayton’s not bad….except when he’s bad. maybe instead of doc, we should be gunning to pry bryan tallet from the bluebirds?

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