Big-Name Pitching Trade VII: The New Blood

All’s well that landed Wells OR hey, let’s talk about Jake Peavy some more and figure out why this has no choice but to work out splendidly, even if Josh Fogg had the greatest nickname of all time and technically smoked Jake Peavy in that one-game playoff. Whatever. Team of Destiny! [Mouthpiece Sports]

2 thoughts on “Big-Name Pitching Trade VII: The New Blood”

  1. Peavy’s numbers away from PETCO look pretty bad. I don’t know what will happen with Clayton or Pereda, but I don’t think we know what we really have with Peavy, either.

  2. Well, we have a #5 spot in our rotation filled by a guy with a Cy Young trophy, and great career stats for ERA, WHIP, SO/BB, etc. We didn’t give up much for a good pitcher locked under a reasonable contract for several years. This in the very least ensures that we are going to compete this year, and next year, and the following year, and the one after that, etc. Even if he’s not healthy enough to matter in 2009, I’m still very happy with this trade.

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