How to Disappear Completely and Be Found Atop the Standings

Hmmm, a guest blog about the Chicago White Sox? Funny, I rarely think about the White Sox, which is ironic since I’m a Tampa Bay Rays fan and until this year many people didn’t even know that team existed.Tampa Bay Rays logo

Okay so I’ll try some mind exercises. Don’t think. What’s the first thing to pop into my mind White Sox? Oh I know, Jim Thome hit the hugest home run I’ve ever seen at Tropicana field. I almost spilled my beverage.


Unfortunately something else invades my head when thinking about the Sox: Nick Swisher. I’m sorry, but that guy really creeps me out. He seriously looks like a ventriloquist doll.

How do I feel about the White Sox as a team? I feel like they’re the bad guys. The last time the Rays played the White Sox, it was a bit like a scene from a western movie. The good guys wore white, and the enemy suited up in black. The Rays of sunshine team squared off against the South Siders, and so far this season it’s been about a draw.

Do I feel threatened by them? Definitely. They are right there in the thick of things now, and I certainly don’t want a showdown with them when it comes down to the wire. Although it would be fun to see if Ozzie would give the Rays a cool nickname in one of his rants.

Do I wish them harm? Nah. If all were to go according to my evil plan, the White Sox would win the wild card. Sorry but the Twins would win the central because they are such darn nice guys, and they gave us two very important pieces this off-season. The Rays would of course win the East. (The fact that this is actually possible rocks my world.) Of course that would leave somebody out: the Red Sox and the Yankees would miss the playoffs. How sweet would that be? Are you guys with me? [editor’s note: Absolutely.]

Here’s hoping the Rays hang tough and we aren’t dueling for the final spot come the end of September. Cheers.


Jessica Havens jumped on the Rays bandwagon back when it was just the Rays Radio Flyer. She blogs regularly about her favorite team at Her Rays.

3 thoughts on “How to Disappear Completely and Be Found Atop the Standings”

  1. @Ed: Andrew Friedman can be blamed for both of your questions. They changed the name to the Tampa Bay Rays when they changed the colors and branding (who knew shaking things up would coincide with a giant turn in skill?).

    Friedman is also a big fan of the SNL skit with the cowbells, and so marketing decided it would be funny one day to have some cowbells… and it stuck.

  2. I love the Sox, but even I can’t believe a Rays/ChiSox series in August is meaningful whatsoever. Tonight’s game showed a lot of chinks in the Sox’s armor. Let’s hope we can turn it around tomorrow and Sunday.

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