As Time Goes By

Oh, what a difference one game and 119 days make.

April 28: The Sox lead the division with a 3 game cushion over the Indians and the Twins can’t win for losing.
August 25: The Sox cling tightly to a one-game lead ahead of the Twins while the Indians battle for last place.

April 28: Nick Swisher is hitting .221.
August 25: Nick Swisher is hitting .233.

April 28: Joe Crede, question mark, is the Sox’ starting third baseman with Josh Fields waiting at Charlotte.
August 25: Juan Uribe, different kind of question mark, is the Sox’ starting third baseman with Joe Crede cautiously coming off the disabled list.

April 28: Carlos Quentin’s OPS sits at an astounding 1.077.
August 25: In an obvious death spiral towards mediocrity, Quentin’s OPS tumbles to a mere .975.

April 28: Paul Konerko has a .229 average and .811 OPS.
August 25: Paul Konerko’s average rests at a mighty .230 while his OPS slips to a mortal .720.

April 28: Alexei Ramirez sucks.
August 25: Alexei Ramirez might be the best second baseman in the American League.

April 28: Javier Vazquez throws eight innings of brilliance.
August 25: All is for naught as the bullpen surrenders the game in the 14th.

April 28: The Good Guys hit a pair of home runs to keep themselves alive.
August 25: The Good Guys can’t lay down a bunt and walk off into the evening defeated.

As it was, so it remains, and the home runs land just a little bit short.


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