The 35th Street Post Office [October 9, 2008]


Come on, you have to feel at least a little sorry for the Cubs, no?

– Christoph, Orland Park, IL

Christoph –



101 years! Man, do those Cubs fans have it bad or what?

– Javier, South Loop

Javier –



I know you have expressed your dislike for the “other” team in town, but you have to admit this year they were due. With a great lineup, mostly solid defense, and great starting pitching they reminded me a lot of our 2005 Sox. I can’t say I would’ve have been happy for them to win it all, but we had our time and also had our chance this year. Don’t you think the classy thing to do would’ve been to maybe not cheer for them, but at least wish them the best?

– Bill, Aurora, IL

Bill –


35th Street,

Man, f— these f—ing whining, crybaby Cub fans. Every day now, all I hear is how they’re cursed, the umps were against them, the Dodgers were stealing signs, blah blah blah. Where is Ryan Dempster now after he was saying how the Cubs were going to win the World Series? Where is Carlos Zambrano’s Cy Young Award? Where is Bob Howry’s stupid parade through “our streets”? Where’s Derrek Lee bringing a championship to Chicago?

F— them, f— their stupid hellhole stadium and I hope they get even worse for another 100 years, if that’s even possible. Next time some a–hole Cubs fan makes fun of me for liking the Sox, I can’t decide if I should feel sorry for him for being such a loser or beat his ass for being so stupid. And what are they going to do? Cry all f—ing winter, then sell out Wrigley Field next year because there’s only one place in town big enough to hold so many blind and ignorant a–holes at once.

Dodgers are a better team and they kicked your stupid asses. Get over it. Can’t wait until your next owner runs you into the ground – hopefully six feet under.

– Adam

Adam –



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