Those Were the Days, Apparently

When this is all over, a lot of the experts are going to describe this particular World Series using words like “boring” and anticlimactic.

(Actually, some already are.)

And maybe they’re right, and perhaps this Rays-Phillies matchup is in fact missing something. But the question is what, exactly, isn’t there – and when was it ever? Are sportswriters pining for the days of the Boston Red Sox putting aside their self-loathing long enough to actually turn an insane payroll into a pair of championships? Luis Gonzalez mysteriously hitting 57 home runs at the height of a highly mysterious era? The fix actually not being in for the 2003 nightmare Cubs-Red Sox series? The decrepit 2003 Yankees daring to not win another one?

Seven of the past 20 World Series have resulted in sweeps. Three were won by margins of 4-1, five went 4-2, and five went the full seven games. Of those seven sweeps, we’ve only really seen a four-game blowout in two, arguably three of those: last year’s Red Sox mauling of the Rockies, 1989 when the A’s crushed the Giants and 1990 when the Reds did the same to those A’s.

So again, why all the disappointment? Is it not enough that. . .

. . . the Phillies weren’t supposed to accomplish much now that the Mets had Johan Santana?
. . . the Rays were supposed to accomplish even less?
. . . both teams very quietly assembled the best lineups in their respective leagues?
. . . It Never Happened, even though It Was Gonna Happen?
. . . NO ONE ON EARTH predicted this matchup?
. . . the angriest sports city on the planet is about to get its due?
. . . the Phillies (as of this writing) might win the clincher on a technicality?

But hey, whatever. I guess I’d be upset if I was wrong about everything, too.