Praying for Rain

Alright, we’re gonna try something different today as this is updated LIVE throughout today’s game.
PREGAME: It’s coming down pretty good today. If this keeps up, the Sox actually have a really good chance of avoiding a loss. And welcome back to our old friend Scotty Pods.
TOP 1ST: Two pitches, one home run. God I hate this team. Both of them, in fact. . .Cubs 1, Sox 0
BOTTOM 1ST: Pods singles, steals 2nd, sacrificed to 3rd, sacrificed home; it’s like 2005 all over again. . .Cubs 1, Sox 1

TOP 2ND: No Cubbie baserunners; that’s what I’m talking about! Cubs 1, Sox 1
BOTTOM 2ND: Lame baserunning, stranded runner, wasted hitting; back to 2007 we go. . .Cubs 1, Sox 1
TOP 3RD: On the WGN broadcast, there’s a Sox-clad little girl in the second row you can see in a few shots over the shoulder of right-handed batters. I’m not sure, but she appeared to just stand and up yell “You suck Derrek Lee!” D. Lee then struck out to strand the runner at second. That’s some good parenting right there, Sox-style. . .Cubs 1, Sox 1

BOTTOM 3RD: One good thing about the return of Scott Podsednik is the immediate spike in interest in White Sox baseball by young women. Listen closely when he comes up to bat. It’s like the Beatles on the frickin’ Ed Sullivan show out there, starring Scotty Poddy as Paul McCartney and Rich Hill as the guy who makes Sox hitters look stupid. . .Cubs 1, Sox 1
TOP 4TH: Javy Vazquez has been throwing pretty well the past couple innings, and, if history is any indication, that means the Cubs should score another three in the 5th before he’s taken out with the bases loaded and no outs. . .Cubs 1, Sox 1
BOTTOM 4TH: Remember when Rich Hill got shelled by the Sox last year? Remember that? Wasn’t that nice? Wasn’t that better than what we’re seeing today? Cubs 1, Sox 1

TOP 5TH: I think we’ve got the good Javy today, friends. May we all bask in the glow of baffled Cub strikeout victims. . .Cubs 1, Sox 1
BOTTOM 5TH: Is anyone else a little unnerved to utter the phrase “Cubs-Sox pitching duel?” Cubs 1, Sox 1
TOP 6TH: About time we heard Hawk take a few shots at Jay Marrioti, although it’s shocking it took this long this particular weekend. Meanwhile, D-Lee threatens to blow the game wide open but the batters behind him apparently confuse Sweet Lou’s “hit and run” sign with Ozzie’s “don’t score any runs” sign and #25 spends the inning stuck at second base. . .Cubs 1, Sox 1

BOTTOM 6TH: TWO ON!!! COMMENCE WHITE SOX RALLY!!! ALL SHALL KNEEL BEFORE THE THUNDER OF SOUTH SIDE BASEBALL!!! THE WEAK SHALL BE. . .wait, what? Oh. Ground-out to short. Coming up, Javier Vazquez approaches 100 pitches which means it’s almost time to call in Creamy Chicken and Picante Beef to hand over the game. . .Cubs 1, Sox 1
TOP 7TH: 1-2-3 they go. Outstanding. Cubs 1, Sox 1
BOTTOM 7TH: Ryan Bukvich is warming up in the Sox bullpen. I can’t watch.

BOTTOM 9TH: Awful. Cubs 2, Sox 1
POSTGAME: Encore Action has been showing Road House for the past hour or so, and it’s been a little easier (and infinitely preferrable) to watch in place of the debacle that just took place on the South Side. In Road House, the fights are not just close but entertaining. In Road House, the cooler can count on his help. And, most importantly, in Road House the Good Guys win.

God I hate this team.