Mad Libs

In another stunning loss, the Sox blew a [whole number]-lead in the [number greater than 6]th inning as the [any baseball team] went on to hand the Southsiders their [ordinal number] loss in [previous number plus a small number] games.

“We thought we were down, but stranger things have happened,” said [any opposing manager]. “We’re here to win.”

The [any baseball team] were on the ropes after the Sox staked a [whole number]-[lesser whole number] tally, led by another solid outing by [any Sox pitcher but Jose Contreras] and three base hits from [someone who wasn’t a starter on Opening Day of this year]. However, that lead quickly evaporated as [Sox reliever] gave up [some number] runs in just [fractional third less than one] inning.

“I just wasn’t locating my pitches,” said [shelled reliever]. “I just couldn’t keep them down.”

“This kid, he got good stuff,” said manager Ozzie Guillen. “I say to him, ‘you get out there and you give me good stuff, I let you pitch.’ Then he do this, I say to him ‘you not gonna do that ever again. Now on, you listen to me.’”

Still, [Sox veteran] wasn’t phased by the team’s struggles.

“It’s a long season,” said [Sox veteran], “and, you know, you go out there and play one game at a time.”

While rumors persist about the future of [struggling trade bait], Sox GM Kenny Williams insists nothing is in the works. “This is a team, and that makes it a team, and since it’s a team I’ve got to listen to the best offers I can in the best interests of this club, of this team” Williams said. “We’re here to win. And it’s a long season.”