Chips, Grinds and Crosstown Carping

Pitchers and catchers reported over the weekend, meaning six more weeks until we have something more substantial to talk about than mere substances.

Ted Lilly defends another 8-0 shellingAnd yet, it’s not just you and I pining for things to return to their relative box score normalcy. Our good friend Ozzie Guillen and Cubs pitcher Ted Lilly apparently have different ideas on what to do about those other 103, non-Alex Rodriguez steroid users:

“First of all, I was a player rep and in the union before Lilly was even in the game,” Guillen said on Monday. “When I was talking about that one-year [suspension], I was talking to baseball. The only way we’re going to get people to believe and get the fans back on track is if we do something really, really heavy duty. We have to show the fans we’re trying to do something.”

“What if people stopped paying attention?” Lilly said. “I guess, unfortunately, there are enough people that are interested in hearing about things like that and hearing what Britney Spears is doing with her personal life. It’s too bad. There are a lot of other good things going on out there.”

All of which is great for so many reasons, not the least of which being Ted “At the end of the day, I want the game to have a good name” Lilly’s oustanding contributions towards giving the game a good name by very publicly going after manager John Gibbons near the tail end of his days in Toronto and later carrying out a very lame vendetta for a mostly indefensible Alfonso Soriano against the Atlanta Braves throughout the 2007 and 2008 seasons.

Keep in mind also that Lilly rose to prominence with the Yankees and then the A’s in the early part of the decade – two clubhouses known for precisely the things he says should be ignored in favor of “other good things.” It’s one thing to stick up for your guys, but you’d think the Cubs would have let a better person do the talking for them.

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  1. I doubt Lilly is one of the names, unless there’s a steroid to make a guy into a totally average pitcher in the regular season and a pile of kindling come October.

    Javitrol? Vazquezterone?

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