How to Write a White Sox Spring Training Report

GLENDALE, Ariz. — It was a small moment, but [insert player name here] remembers it well. For [player’s last name], it summed up the whole season.

In a [date] game against [opposing team], [player] [threw a pitch/made a play/got a hit/tore a muscle]. It ultimately never affected the outcome of the game, but for [player name], it certainly affected the rest of the year.

“It really put things in perspective for me,” [player] said. “I learned a lot about this team, and about the game, and about myself. I feel like I have a lot of expectations to live up to, not just for myself, but for my team and my teammates.”

Even though [player] [became a superstar/tanked/had the worst season in recent memory] he knew he had the support of the rest of the White Sox. Manager Ozzie Guillen stressed that support to reporters Tuesday at the team workout.

“This kid,” Guillen said, “I say to him, ‘you just need to play the game. Play the game. You play the game, you get paid, you take care of your family, I do the rest.’ This kid, he’s a good baseball player.”

Arriving to camp [early/late] and in the [best/worst] shape of his life, [player] knew right away he had work to do, and also showed faith in the 2009 White Sox.

“That’s the beauty of Spring Training,” he said. “Everyone has a chance. It’s a whole new season.”

Despite [trade rumors/impending free agency/overstaying their welcome], [player] says he simply wants to focus on the season and help the team win.

“I want to focus on the season,” [player] said, “and help the team win.”

Commenting on [player]’s [some type of awkward off-field situation] Sox general manager Kenny Williams insisted that was all just talk.

“We’ve got a good player on our hands,” Williams said. “A special talent, someone I think could help us – or any team.”

Williams also took time to address the rumored moves that never materialized for the Sox. “We felt that [some sort of superstar credentials] simply wasn’t a good fit for our club at this team,” Williams said. “And I like our chances this year as constructed.”

“We’re coming off a playoff appearance,” Williams added, “and I like our chances. It’s a whole new season. That’s the beauty of Spring Training.”

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