Let’s Trade the Farm for Roy Halladay

Hey, look at that, Paul Konerko is apparently expendable despite the Sox’ list of alternatives at first consisting of Jim “Just the Bat, Please” Thome and Uribe II: Wilson Betemit.

Hey, look at that, the Blue Jays have an ace they can’t afford and are apparently already out of the race for the AL East unless they can acquire some thunder.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? If it’s that Konerko, frustrating as he may be, is probably unmovable at this point due to his declining production and the not-very-good year he’s coming off of and that the Blue Jays, foolish though they may sometimes be, could get a mightier bat than even Paulie’s in return for one of the best pitchers in the game, we’re totally in synch.

But this, friends, is the real beauty of the preseason: anything is possible, no matter how stupid or improbable. You or I or anyone can sit here and cook up totally psychotic situations and right now, for all anyone knows, they all could totally happen!

Why wouldn’t the Good Guys trade away their franchise cornerstone and lone everyday first baseman?

Why wouldn’t the Blue Jays trade one of the rarest, most valuable commodities in the game for one of the most readily available?

Why can’t we compare the White Sox of this decade to the Braves of the last one?

Why won’t Chris Getz, Jerry Owens or Brent Lillibridge be the second coming of Tim Raines, Ray-Ray and Scotty Potty?

Dream big, people. Dream of bunts and stolen bases, of Halladay/Buehrle/Danks/Floyd replacing Maddux/Glavine/Smoltz in the modern baseball canon, of Most Valuable Rookies and a World Series of the Year. Those dreams can all come true.

Even the ones about trading away awkwardly necessary players.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Trade the Farm for Roy Halladay”

  1. It’s not impossible if the Blue Jays are that far out of it at the trade deadline that the Sox could send a mega-package of young players to pry Roy Halladay away from them. I’m just not sure who they’d even want that the Sox could afford to lose.

  2. To part with Halladay, the Jays would need to get much more back in return. If I’m J.P. Ricciardi, I’m asking for atleast Gavin Floyd or Jose Contreras and a couple other players on the White Sox roster. If Halladay’s ever traded, the Blue Jays will get a boatload of players back, that’s for sure.

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