The Good News About Dayan Viciedo’s Demotion

So the new Cuban kid will start the season in the minors, which probably broke the hearts of a lot of Sox fans hoping for Alexei Ramirez part II. It certainly would’ve been cool to see the Good Guys starting a new face on Opening Day, because his success would mean the Sox were finally estabilshing a solid track record of scouting amateur talent. Nor would it have hurt to see a possible future replacement for any of the slow lumber being both internally developed and ready to compete at the highest level, as most reports show Dayan Viciedo as a player of that mold.

But consider this: Viciedo is headed to AAA Charlotte. Viciedo is also 20 years old. The Chicago White Sox have a 20-year-old third baseman just a smidge away from MLB readiness.

Also consider this: Josh Fields, he of the corrected knee and Lasik surgery, is having possibly the best spring of anyone on the team. Does that mean anything? No, of course not, but it could mean everything. It could mean the offense machine that surfaced for two-thirds of 2007 might finally be ready to surface. It could mean a Sox position prospect can actually, finally complete the transformation into full-fledged, useful MLB starter. It could mean the White Sox have a surplus of excellent corner infielders.

So at the very least, the Sox have one good third baseman, something they haven’t really been able to say since, uh, well, since Josh Fields’ showing in 2007. But it’s a sign of progress and a sign of the ship, in some respects, being on the right course.

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  1. LOL I think that says a lot about us (Sox fans) if we’re mad that the fat player lost out to the athletic one.

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