“Meaning” Is Such A Strong Term

You can make the argument that the Sox’ relatively shameful, same-old-same-old series loss to the Royals doesn’t carry as much weight as people might insist it does.

Okay, Kansas City is alone in first place but so what? Are they going to remain there? Probably not, despite what the New York Times has to say about it.

And sure, Bobby Jenks coughed up a game but you know what? It happens to the best of them and we know Jenks is capable of greatness on a seasonal scale.

And losing to the lowly Royals? Well, you’re gonna lose to everyone some time, so there’s no reason to throw in the towel after three games.

Of course, that requires ignoring a lot of things. Ignore the Sox’ leadoff hitter reaching base this series exactly as many times as I did. Ignore needing two hits to score Carlos Quentin from second. Ignore a single being as good as an out for Sox batters. Ignore groundballs invariably leading to double plays. And that’d just be silly.

The more damning piece reveals itself on the mound. Not that Mark Buehrle, Gavin Floyd, John Danks or even any of the relief corps did anything to wrong themselves. Eighteen innings pitched between the starters, four runs surrendered while fanning 17. Not bad by any measure. . . but that’s kind of the point of having Buehrle, Floyd and Danks atop the rotation. They form a very respectable one through three, and when they’re doing what they’re capable of you know the Sox have a chance to win.

But up against good pitching by the opposing team – and make no mistake, the Royals staff was in fine form with the notable exception of Kyle Farnsworth – does a team like this Sox team really stand a chance, regardless of how well their starters fared? When two- and three-run homers are your only chance, do you really stand any chance at all?

Again, it’s only three games. Three awful games, three games a little too reminiscent of so many others and probably too indicative of games to come, but a mere three all the same. Dewayne Wise can’t possibly go 0-for -’09, can he? The Sox won’t always need four hits to score one run, will they? Someone on that team will drop a bunt instead of playing pepper, won’t they? They’re not actually this lame. . .

. . . are they?

3 thoughts on ““Meaning” Is Such A Strong Term”

  1. “They’re not actually this lame… are they?”

    Oh yes they are. This is going to be a long season of double plays, long fly balls in clutch moments and slow guys clogging up the base paths. Thank God we play in such a weak division.

  2. There were years before where we could fatten up on the bad pitching of the A.L.C. but if the %$#@! Royals rotation are looking like Maddux/Glavine/Smotlz against us, this is probably gonna be another crappy year of crappy baseball. At least Chris Getz is doing well. I think that the 2011 playoffs are not out of the question.

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