Swishy & Javy: Still Not The Answer

Nicky the Swish and Javy T. Squeeze could save this team. HAHA no, just kidding. They couldn’t. [Mouthpiece Sports]

One thought on “Swishy & Javy: Still Not The Answer”

  1. Swisher isn’t as horrible when he is only expected to be the weakest link in an Allstar caliber line up. Big surprise. I still think my sister could make a better throw from the OF. Those lollipops always make me laugh. Is he doing the worm in NY too?

    Javy is pitching better in a much bigger ballpark in a much weaker league. And just like in NY, I don’t think he could handle the media in CHI. He has a weak mind in a position in which your mental toughness is the most important thing you have.

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