Bold Predictions: Combat Evolved Edition

[Editor’s note: This was prepared before today’s news became public. Oh, irony!]

Three things to watch for as two likely playoff teams enter the Octagon this weekend:

The ressurection of White Sox offense. If Paul Konerko and Jim Thome continue to hit, the 3-6 of Carlos Quentin, Jim Thome, Jermaine Dye, and Konerko could be more than enough to put the Good Guys into serious contention (as opposed to the someone’s-got-to-win-those-thing contention they’re in now). Starting pitching will determine this team’s fate, but the bats are going to have their work cut out for them this weekend and through next Thursday.

See? Freak injuries help always help at least someone. Pretty good Angels pitcher Jered Weaver cut himself badly enough ealier this week to spare the Sox his lifetime 3-0, 0.46 ERA record at Comiskey. You have to feel bad for a team that loses a pivotal piece to such a random accident, but these things happen. Get better in time to destroy the Cubs, Jered!

A hero will rise. Last time the Sox and Angels were nationally televised, ESPN helped the nation witness Carlos Quentin hit a walk-off home run off of ace John Lackey to foil his bid for the complete game, the win, and the sweep. This Sunday, the also-pretty-good Joe Saunders gets the nod for the Halos on TBS. Think big, friends. Think big.

[Editor’s note II: We’ll discuss today’s happenings more tomorrow once we (a) let the facts bubble up from beneath the surface (b) let it all sink in and (c) hope for the best here at the dawn of the Dewayne Wise Era.]