Bold Predictions: A Non-Vote of Confidence

What we talk about when we talk about Non-Sox playoff series:

Cubs/Dodgers: If the Sox win (more on that tomorrow), may the Cubs win as well; if not, well, it will at least be kind of fun to watch Carlos Zambrano murder one (or many!) of his teammates on national television. Whatever. Prediction: Cubs in 4 OR Dodgers in 5.

Red Sox/Angels: Under no circumstances should any person not from New England ever pull for the Red Sox. Not today, not tomorrow, not when they were supposedly victims of those big bad Yankees and certainly not when they can trade away arguably the best hitter in the American League and actually be better off for it. Prediction: Red Sox can go straight to Hell.

Phillies/Brewers: Brewers fans and the city of Milwaukee are great, even if their team really isn’t. Philadelphia sports fans throw batteries at opposing players and the best song written about their city is also the most depressing song ever written about any city. Ever. Not sure how to feel about this series. Prediction: Tie.

We’ll have more (much more) playoff talk later today. Until then, let’s hear it for. . . whoever.