And Now, A Few Insanely Specific Predictions

Carlos Quentin will hit more home runs than Alex Rios and Andruw Jones combined. This could demand Quentin hit 35; this could just as easily demand he hit 15. But for better or worse, he pretty much is the offense, meaning as Carlos goes, so the rest of them go as well.

Mark Buehrle leads the staff in wins but not in ERA (and definitely not in strikeouts). When nine of 10 outings are either (a) six innings allowing three runs or (b) seven innings allowing two runs, this is just the way it goes.

Attendance flirts with the 2 million mark. Bad Local Economy + Terrible Previous Season = Not Looking Good. Did you, like me, get an email from the club this morning about Opening Day tickets still available?

Bobby Jenks appears in less than 45 games for the White Sox. 2:1 odds say this happens because of injury, while 3:1 odds say because he is traded mid-season.

Jim Thome hits more home runs than Mark Kotsay. But don’t tell Ozzie!

The Sox’ most important rookie is someone we weren’t even thinking about two months ago. I agree with Jim’s idea.

The Angels will own the White Sox. And the 2002-2007 Twins remain good at exactly one thing.

The Sox’ highest individual RBI tally will be less than the number of games the team wins. Unless they only win 70 games, in which case . . . you know what? Let’s not go there.

The Sox trade for a big-name player. Carl Crawford or, barring that, Jason Giambi. One of these outcomes means things are going well.

Ozzie Guillen does not get fired during the season. Although we will probably find plenty of reasons he should be.

Sox over Cardinals in six for their second World Series title in six years. Team of Destiny!

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  1. Andrew,
    The Sox won 6-0 an hour ago and it looks like 1995 all over agasin but with more speed and “Ozzie Ball”talent Go Sox!!!!

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