Things That Happen At Historic Ballparks

The 26-Time World Champion New York Yankees christened their shiny new stadium with a 10-2 shellacking at the hands of the Indians. And that’s cool, you know, that they lost.

If you follow the news, they’ll probably focus more on that first part, how the Yankees have their glamorous new yard and the history they brought with it. It really makes you think about how teams, fans and venues all coexist. Consider the Yankees, Yankee Stadium, world championships, unrivaled organizational achievements, the most demanding fans in the world; amazing how you can remove that second element of the equation and yet the other four carry on unabated.

Historic Wrigley FieldSo when the fans of Chicago’s supposed historic North Side ballclub get up in arms about Wrigley Field and its vaunted history, you have to ask: just what are these people clinging to? If the Yankees, the true definition of a winner, can knock down the ballpark that brought home literally dozens of trophies and hosted more important games than any other venue in America without blinking, what exactly are those Cub fans so afraid of? Losing the site of all those magical postseasons? The championships trophies hoisted over the heads of North Side heroes like Mark Prior and Sammy Sosa?

Of course not, and we all know the answer. Take away the weeds on the outfield wall, the urine, the blatant racism of the world’s greatest fans, the collapses, the bust prospects, the revisionist history, the false idols and self-delusion and what are you left with? A 95-year-old dirt pile leaning on a 101-year-old brick in a perpetual race to be the first to collapse.

Yeah. I’d root for the ballpark too.

4 thoughts on “Things That Happen At Historic Ballparks”

  1. If you take away the ballpark and you’re left with just the losing baseball team. Then the fans have nothing to cling to as unique and special. Its funny because it’s just a facade; it looks nice on TV, but it disgusting and crumbling in real life. It’s nice to hear Ozzie speak the truth about it. The place is a dump. Build a new one, it’s way past time to do so.

  2. I’d expect this kind of crap out of a Sox fan. Of course you wouldn’t know a good ballpark when you see one because, well, you have never seen one. You knock down one piece of crap on the southside just to build a crappier one across the street and that makes the Cubs bad people? Wrigley Field is a treasure. Your jealousy says a lot about you as a person. Get a life.

  3. Defend it until your last breath Steve. It’s all you’ll have to cling to after another playoff sweep, if they get there. Honestly, I’m no Cub hater but there is nothing special about Wrigley besides the weeds growing on the wall. They could build a nicer park anywhere in the city and grow ivy. Or relocate for a season and competely gut/rebuild the current park. The problem is that the team doesn’t win, therefore the park is more important than they are.

  4. i’m a Cub hater. There’s nothing wrong with the Cell, I don’t know what Steve is talking about. I have to admit, I think its cool that Wrigley is historic & classic. I dunno, I think stuff like that has value that can’t really be quantified. Its the Cubs fans themselves that keep me out.

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