Previewing Tomorrow’s News

With Opening Day postponed due to hilariously inclement weather, let us offer up suggestions for the back page headline of tomorrow’s Sun-Times:

  • Snow Way!
  • Snow-Hitter
  • Say It Ain’t Snow!
  • Snow-pening Day
  • Home Snow-pener
  • That’s a White Sox Win-ter
  • Good God, What A Terrible City We Live In Where It Snows During Baseball Season

Stay tuned!

One thought on “Previewing Tomorrow’s News”

  1. MLB is so stupid. The first two weeks in April should be either in Minnesota or K.C. Or somewhere warm like Texas, California, Tampa Bay, Toronto, or any number of other viable locations. Cold and snowing is not the way you should plan to start the season. Didn’t they learn anything from Cleveland a few years ago?

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